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  1. 180324 Q and A: Seeing the Self As Master
  2. 180323 Q and A: Affection For Our Source
  3. 180317 Q and A: More On the Invisible Lila On Earth
  4. 180315 Q and A: The Opportunity of Human Life
  5. 180112 Q and A: Rama In the Maha-Mantra
  6. 180108 Q&A: What Exactly Is a Sat-Guru?
  7. 180105 Q and A: Where Did Our Tradition Begin?
  8. 180104 Q and A: How the Panca-Tattva Allows Us To Experience Prema
  9. 180102 Q and A: Sri Guru And His Grace
  10. 171230 Q and A: Acintya-Bhedabheda-Tattva As the Basis of Sadhana
  11. 171228 Q and A: More On Rational And Irrational Doubts
  12. 171226 Q and A: The Renounced Order Within Gaudiya Vaishnavism
  13. 171223 Q and A: Sraddha And Saranagati
  14. 171222 Q and A: Bhauma-Navadvipa And Nitya-Navadvipa
  15. 171219 Q and A: Helping Those Who Want To Believe
  16. 171206 Q and A: Nityananda Prabhu Pauses the Kirtana
  17. 171113 Q and A: Kartamashi “The Boss,” always making perfect arrangements for His devotees.
  18. 171111 Q and A: Dealing with depression and other physical impediments.
  19. 171109 Q and A: Lord Krishna cannot repay the debt of service rendered by the gopies, is this debt equal to the debt of love to Mother Saci?
  20. 171107 Q and A: Deeper understand of Vallabha and the opportunity offered by his tradition for bhakti-rasa?
  21. 171106 Q and A: How should the guru be seen, as empowered by Krishna, Balarama, or Srimati Radharani?
  22. 171105 Q and A: How to remain Krishna conscious in traumatic situations.
  23. 171102 Q and A: How is bhakti scientific?
  24. 171026 Q and A: What is the distinction between diksa guru, siksa guru and a purva acarya?
  25. 171024 Q and A: Life's experience, free will and karmic influence.
  26. 171021 Q and A: Explaining the concept of Guru in modern society.
  27. 171008b Q and A: Although the jiva is not nitya siddha it can attain devotional perfection.
  28. 171004 Q and A: Are all Six Goswamis nitya siddhas?
  29. 171003 Q and A: Are any of the ragatmikas sadhana siddhas?
  30. 170923 Q and A: The Mercy of the Absolute
  31. 170916 Q and A: Govardhana-Sila As Balarama
  32. 170810 Q and A: What Is a Good Disciple Like?
  33. 170809 Q and A: Experiences In Bhakti
  34. 170806 Q and A: The Sadhaka-Deha
  35. 170803 Q and A: Ego Effacing Mysticism
  36. 170730 Q and A: Why Does Krishna Have Cows?
  37. 170704 Q and A: Sincerity Is Invincible
  38. 170609 Q and A: Gaudiya Mysticism
  39. 170608 Q and A: The Killer of Aghasura
  40. 170607 Q and A: What Does Audarya Mean?
  41. 170530 Q and A: The Abheda Side of the Equation
  42. 170529 Q and A: Recommended Prayers
  43. 170528 Q and A: Different Types of Bhakti
  44. 170523 Q and A: When Old Troubles Resurface
  45. 170520 Q and A: Real Outreach Comes From Inreach
  46. 170519 Q and A: To Be and Anga of One's Guru
  47. 170517 Q and A: The Structure of Gaudiya Vaishnavism
  48. 170516 Q and A: Karma In the Lives of Devotees
  49. 170515. Q and A: Gaudiya Vaishnavism Is Indirect
  50. 170512 Q and A: What To Pray For In the Beginning?
  51. 170510 Q and A: Is Rasa Constant?
  52. 170508 Q and A: Seeing Gadadhara In Bhaktivinoda
  53. 170507 Q and A: Gopi-Bhava, Gopa-Bhava, And Humility
  54. 170506 Q and A: How Could the Sons of Advaita Go Astray?
  55. 170505 Q and A: Is Sacimata An Incarnation of Devaki or Yasoda Ma?
  56. 170504 Q and A: Worship In the Mind
  57. 170503 Q and A: Madhurya- and Sakhya-Bhava In Gaura Lila
  58. 170502 Q and A: Relevance of the Fifth Canto
  59. 170501 Q and A: From the Dvadasa Gopalas To Srila Prabhupada's Mission
  60. 170429 Q and A: Specific Attachment
  61. 170428 Q and A: Srivasa, Narada And Madhumangala
  62. 170427 Q and A: Is Ramananda Raya An Avadhuta?
  63. 170426 Q and A: Krishna's Parents Cannot Be Sadhana-Siddhas
  64. 170424 Q and A: What Is a Sat-Guru?
  65. 170423 Q and A: Is It the Chanting That Purifies Us?
  66. 170422 Q and A: Can I Pray To Hanuman For Focus?
  67. 170420 Q and A: How Jnanis and Bhaktas Teach A General Audience
  68. 170419 Q and A: When Does Krishna Consider Us His Servant?
  69. 170418 Q and A: What Kinds of Rasas Are Given In Our Lineage?
  70. 170408 Q and A: Anartha Nivrtti And Emotional Maturity
  71. 170328 Q and A: Varnashrama Considerations of Guru-Tattva
  72. 170324 Q and A: Krishna-Mantra And Krishna-Nama
  73. 170322 Q and A: Gaura-Lila Topics
  74. 170321 Q and A: The Externals And Esoterics of the Sannyasa Ashrama
  75. 170320 Q and A: What Does the Uttama Bhagavata See?
  76. 170316 Q and A: Can A Two-Legged Animal Practice Uttama-Bhakti?
  77. 170310 Q and A: Baladeva As Adi-Guru And Presiding Deity of Sambhandarupa-Bhakti
  78. 170225 Q and A: Sacrifice Dissolves In the Pursuit of Love
  79. 170220 Q and A: The Complexities of Advaita-Tattva
  80. 170218 Q and A: Love Hides Itself
  81. 170214 Q and A: Narottama Thakura's Kirtan Style and The Consequence of Thought
  82. 170207 Q and A: The Difficulty of Implementing Varnasrama
  83. 170206 Q and A: Subhadra-Tattva
  84. 170131 Q and A: Take Distance And See the Hand of God
  85. 170128 Q and A: The Aesthetics of Bharata Muni And Rupa Goswami
  86. 170125 Q and A: Time Spent In Vraja
  87. 170124 Q and A: Is Jagannatha the Highest Form of Krishna?
  88. 170121 Q and A: Is Vaikuntha Bhakti Spontanoeus?
  89. 170119 Q and A: Should the Mind Or Senses Be Conquered First?
  90. 170117 Q and A: Make Love To Understand Maha-Vishnu
  91. 170113 Q and A: Mental vs Philosophical Speculation
  92. 170110 Q and A: Thoughts On Siddha-Pranali
  93. 170109 Q and A: The Spectrum From Vaidhi To Raga
  94. 170104 Q and A: Goloka Is Off the Charts
  95. 170101 Q and A: Familiarity Without Contempt
  96. 161231 Q and A: A Secret Door Has Opened
  97. 161230 Q and A: The Way For Science To Stay Relevant
  98. 161229 Q and A: The Effulgence of Krishna's Qualities
  99. 161228 Q and A: Does Bhakti Sukrti Affect Karma?
  100. 161227 Q and A: One Or Many Shaktis?
  101. 161223 Q and A: From Neti Neti To Nuanced Ecstasy
  102. 161222 Q and A: Saranagati As a Limb of Bhakti
  103. 161221 Q and A: Facets of Srila Saraswati Thakura
  104. 161219 Q and A: How Can the Habit of Aparadha Be Broken?
  105. 161216 Q and A: Ahamkara And Modern Ideas of Consciousness
  106. 161209 Q and A: Getting Gaudiya Vaishnavism Out of the Kunja
  107. 161208 Q and A: Faith And a Little Greed
  108. 161203 Q and A: In the Body of God
  109. 161202 Q and A: The Danda of Our Times
  110. 161201 Q and A: Rasa Between Guru And Disciple
  111. 161129 Q and A: The Saints That Make Me
  112. 161128 Q and A: The Playboy Who Became a Sadhu
  113. 161125 Q and A: Are We Surrendering To Folklore?
  114. 161124 Q and A: What Could Subala Possibly Say?
  115. 161123 Q and A: Krishna's Ages
  116. 161115 Q and A: Japa And Kirtana
  117. 161110 Q and A: A Real Avadhuta
  118. 161109 Q and A: The Power of Nama
  119. 161105 Q and A: The Prema of Mathura And Dvaraka
  120. 161104 Q and A: The Perks of Vaikuntha
  121. 161029 Q and A: Vraja Varnasrama
  122. 161021 Q and A: Evolving Without Becoming An Atheist
  123. 161019 Q and A: Wearing Rudraksa Beads?
  124. 161017 Q and A: Why Tilaka?
  125. 161015 Q and A: Does the Guru Suffer the Disciple's Karma?
  126. 161012 Q and A: Does Balarama Or Radharani Have More Bhakti?
  127. 161009 Q and A: What Counts As Apauruseya?
  128. 161008 Q and A: Absolute And Relative Siddhanta
  129. 161006 Q and A: Can We Function Without An Ego?
  130. 161005 Q and A: Conformity And Innovation In the Parampara
  131. 161004 Q and A: Balarama From Root To Branch
  132. 161003 Q and A: The World Is Krishna
  133. 160909b Q and A: The Generosity of Bhakti
  134. 160909a Q and A: The Radha Upanisad
  135. 160908 Q and A: Will And Free Will
  136. 160828 Q and A: A Healthy Diet of Direct Bhakti
  137. 160826b Q and A: Change of Sex, Change of Mind
  138. 160825a Q and A: Mahabharata, Theodicy And Ethics
  139. 160812b Q and A: The Mamata of Prema
  140. 160810 Q and A: Everything Revolves Around Radha-Krishna
  141. 160809 Q and A: Are We Serving the Name?
  142. 160808 Q and A: Out of Joy And Compassion
  143. 160807 Q and A: Thakura Bhaktivinoda And the Perennial Philosophy
  144. 160806 Q and A: Vaidhi Misra Raga Speakers of the Bhagavata
  145. 160731 Q and A: Kama And Prema
  146. 160726 Q and A: Extending Yukta-Vairagya
  147. 160718 Q and A: Worship Before Ruci
  148. 160715 Q and A: The Many Facets of God
  149. 160708 Q and A: Two Levels of Being, Knowing And Loving
  150. 160707 Q and A: Sadasiva In Art
  151. 160705 Q and A: Krishna Bows To Gopi-Bhava
  152. 160616 Q and A: Q and A: Who Can Serve As Guru?
  153. 160604 Q and A: When the Direct Meaning Does Not Make Sense
  154. 160528 Q and A: The Interpretive Voice
  155. 160525 Q and A: Sastra And Krishna's Form
  156. 160523 Q and A: From Universal Compassion To Karuna-Rasa
  157. 160521 Q and A: Group Practice and Individual Practice
  158. 160514 Q and A: It's OK To Ponder the Teachings
  159. 160513 Q and A: Golden Subala
  160. 160508 Q and A: Raga Outside of Vraja?
  161. 160504 Q and A: Is Paramatma Compassionate?
  162. 160503 Q and A: Worship of Sri Sri Gaura Gadadhara
  163. 160502 Q and A: Important Sections of the Srimad Bhagavatam
  164. 160430 Q and A: Sri Krishna Never Steps Foot Out of Vrindavan
  165. 160428 Q and A: Perfection By Inquiry
  166. 160427 Q and A: The Substratum of Personhood
  167. 160426 Q and A: From New Bhava To Old Bhava
  168. 160418 Q and A: When To Start Meditating On Ones Siddha-Deha
  169. 160414 Q and A: The Personified Vedas And Rasa-Lila
  170. 160411 Q and A: A Question of Time
  171. 160407 Q and A: The Perfect Rasas of Vraja
  172. 160405 Q and A: Brhad-Bhagavatamrta
  173. 160326 Q and A: Drawn To Danger
  174. 160218 Q and A: Sri, Bhu And Nila
  175. 160211 Q and A: Ramo Or Rama?
  176. 160208 Q and A: I'm Not the Doer
  177. 160206 Q and A: Compassionate Renunciation
  178. 160203 Q and A: The Isopanisad And Institutional Comfort
  179. 160202 Q and A: Bogus Or Bona Fide Wild Kirtans
  180. 160130 Q and A: Expecting an Ideal Society
  181. 160128 Q and A: The Specialty of Sri Radha
  182. 151229 Q and A: Exclusive Devotion Vs Religious Fundamentalism
  183. 151227 Q and A: Scripture Is Not Just An Old Book
  184. 151209 Q and A: Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai And the Tin Thakura
  185. 151208 Q and A: The Postures of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai
  186. 151122 Q and A: Vrindavan, the Land of Faith
  187. 151114 Q and A: Ability To Engage In Smaranam
  188. 151108 Q and A: The Three Qualities of Sadhu-Sanga
  189. 151107 Q and A: The Will of the Jiva In the Lila
  190. 151106 Q and A: Comparing Buddhism And Advaita Vedanta
  191. 151104 Q and A: From a Crack In the Sidewalk To a Grand Canyon
  192. 151103 Q and A: There Are No Jailbreaks From the Maya-Sakti
  193. 151025 Q and A: Taking Birth In Krishna-Lila
  194. 151003 Q and A: The Gaudiya Idea of Krishna-Lila
  195. 151002 Q and A: Underscoring the Sacrifice of Mahaprabhu
  196. 150812 Q and A: The Lila of Sri Guru
  197. 150808 Q and A: Give Your Dirty Heart
  198. 150806 Q and A: Elaboration On the Song Sacinandana Vandana
  199. 150804 Q and A: More On Proper Glorification
  200. 150803 Q and A: Proper Glorification
  201. 150801 Q and A: The Evolution of Compassion
  202. 150724 Q and A: Misogyny In the Caitanya-Caritamrta?
  203. 150722 Q and A: The Difference Between Thinking And Speculating
  204. 150721 Q and A: The Structure of Caitanya-Caritamrta
  205. 150630 Q and A: Raga And Arcana
  206. 150627 Q and A: The Present State of Gaudiya Vaishnavism
  207. 150620 Q and A: God Experiences the World Through the Jivas
  208. 150602 Q and A: Kholavecha Sridhara, the Banana Leaf Seller
  209. 150601 Q and A: The Gaudiya Scriptures
  210. 150525 Q and A: Love On Repeat
  211. 150523 Q and A: Sorting Out Svarupa Matters
  212. 150505 Q and A: The Proper Mentality of a Sadhaka
  213. 150502 Q and A: The Springboard of Emotions
  214. 150501 Q and A: What's Really Happening
  215. 150427 Q and A: How Much Does a Sadhaka Need To Know?
  216. 150426 Q and A: Is Ganesh Special Among the Demigods?
  217. 150424 Q and A: Guru Is Now
  218. 150412 Q and A: Radha Bhagavatam
  219. 150408 Q and A: The Bhavas That Flow In Our Lineage
  220. 150404b Q and A: Ideas For Saragrahi
  221. 150314 Q and A: Loving Doesn't Necessarily Mean Liking
  222. 150312 Q and A: Follow It 'Til You Feel It
  223. 150228 Q and A: Mahaprabhu Becoming More Beautiful
  224. 150220 Q and A: Instilling Reverence For Deity Worship
  225. 150215 Q and A: How Should Devotees Respond When Attacked?
  226. 150204 Q and A: If You Had One Wish
  227. 150116 Q and A: The Dream State of Consciousness
  228. 150112 Q and A: Mother Cow, Swelling With Affection
  229. 150109 Q and A: Healthy Humility, Healthy Pride
  230. 150108 Q and A: What Happens In the State of Ecstacy?
  231. 150105 Q and A: External And Internal Darsana
  232. 150103 Q and A: Intellect As a Servant of Divine Faith
  233. 150102 Q and A: Why Do We Chant the Diksa Mantras?
  234. 141231 Q and A: What Is Krishna Consciousness?
  235. 141230 Q and A: Can Souls Only Go Up?
  236. 141229 Q and A: Suhrt-Rati and the Role of the Contemplative
  237. 141227 Q and A: Finding Your Place In the Sangha
  238. 141226 Q and A: Service On Foot
  239. 141224 Q and A: Sriman Mahaprabhu's Sannyasa-Lila
  240. 141222 Q and A: Science Becomes a Mystic
  241. 141206 Q and A: Stick To One, Learn From All
  242. 141204 Q and A: The Order of the Names In the Maha-Mantra
  243. 141129 Q and A: How Come Bhakti-devi Helps Non-Devotees?
  244. 141128 Q and A: How To Compose a Prayer
  245. 141122 Q and A: Comprehensive Breakdown of the Term Bhava
  246. 141121 Q and A: The Etiquette In Regards To Vaishnava Prasada
  247. 141114 Q and A: Is Trauma Stored In the Citta?
  248. 141109 Q and A: When Can We Enter Krishna-Lila?
  249. 141101 Q and A: How Do We View Mahaprabhu?
  250. 141030 Q and A: Seva-Aparadha Or Bhava-Seva?
  251. 141029 Q and A: The Siddhanta Will Be What the Goswamis Have Said
  252. 141028 Q and A: Free From Envy
  253. 141025 Q and A: Personalities In Gaura And Krishna Lila
  254. 141024 Q and A: Effort Comes After Grace
  255. 141018 Q and A: Uprooting the Root of All Anarthas
  256. 141015 Q and A: Going Beyond Our Psycho-Physical Frame of Reference
  257. 141013 Q and A: Presenting the Inconceivable To the Uninitiated
  258. 141007 Q and A: Why Do We Offer Gheelamps During Kartika?
  259. 141002 Q and A: The Privilege To Be a Monastic Seems Too Good To Be True
  260. 140927 Q and A: To Always Feel the Presence of the Guru
  261. 140924 Q and A: Sri Guru As Representative of All the Demigods
  262. 140922 Q and A: Dealing With Pain On the Path of Bhakti
  263. 140920 Q and A: Conquering the Three Seats of Lust
  264. 140918 Q and A: The Sages of Dandakaranya
  265. 140917 Q and A: The Subjective World Is a Loving World
  266. 140916 Q and A: What Is a Nirupadhi Vaishnava?
  267. 140915 Q and A: Worshipping Krishna With One's Intelligence
  268. 140913 Q and A: Mahaprabhu Has All the Qualities of Radha And Krishna
  269. 140912 Q and A: The Patient Eagerness of An Ajata-Ruci Sadhaka
  270. 140905 Q and A: Lord Balarama's Rasa Dance
  271. 140903 Q and A: How Could One Always Chant?
  272. 140831 Q and A: Harmonizing Self-Preservation And Self-Surrender
  273. 140827 Q and A: Srimad Bhagavatam Gives the Full Picture
  274. 140826 Q and A: A Dreamlike Substance
  275. 140823 Q and A: Vaidhi Bhakti And Navadvipa
  276. 140821 Q and A: Endearing Oneself To the Heart of Sri Guru
  277. 140819 Q and A: The Vision For Sri Caitanya Sangha
  278. 140806 Q and A: The Prospect of Bhakti
  279. 140805 Q and A: More Fortunate Than Srimati Radharani?
  280. 140804 Q and A: Practice Tolerance In a Favorable Environment
  281. 140723 Q and A: Who Makes the Rainbows?
  282. 140716 Q and A: One Who Is Surrendered Never Commits Any Offense
  283. 140715 Q and A: How To Recognize Sacred Greed
  284. 140714 Q and A: A Canvas That Demands Lila
  285. 140709 Q and A: Krishna And His Saktis Were Never Created
  286. 140707 Q and A: Guidance Is Always Available, Necessity Attracts It
  287. 140706 Q and A: Bringing Dignity to the Bhaktivinode Parivara
  288. 140621 Q and A: What Made You Attached To Srila Prabhupada?
  289. 140618 Q and A: Different Kinds of Bhakti
  290. 140612 Q and A: Soft-Hearted Or Weak-Hearted?
  291. 140608 Q and A: Paramatma In the Spiritual World?
  292. 140604 Q and A: Idealism And Dualism
  293. 140603 Q and A: Effortless Effort And Grace
  294. 140513 Q and A: Time To Weigh In On Tattva
  295. 140510b Narasimha Festival 2014, Day 2: Q and A: Is Narasimhadeva Krishna Himself?
  296. 140507 Q and A: Mahaprabhu Stays Within the Company of Devotees
  297. 140503b Q and A: Prema-Dhvani, Notes of Love
  298. 140503a Q and A: Body-Negative Spirituality
  299. 140430 Q and A: Deep Engagement In Responsible Service
  300. 140429 Q and A: Partly Material, Partly Spiritual
  301. 140426 Q and A: Mahaprabhu's Associates Discover Gaura-Lila
  302. 140425 Q and A: Changes In the Bhagavatam?
  303. 140422 Q and A: More On Prahlada And Dhruva
  304. 140421 Q and A: Can We Find Prahlada And Dhruva In Gaura-Lila?
  305. 140420 Q and A: The Effect Is In the Cause
  306. 140419 Q and A: Being One's Faith
  307. 140417 Q and A: What Does the False Ego Do?
  308. 140414 Q and A: Can We Think of Every Word As A Name of Krishna?
  309. 140411 Q and A: A Faith-Filled Environment
  310. 140404 Q and A: Prema Is Its Own Reward
  311. 140403 Q and A: The Puspa Samadhi
  312. 140323 Q and A: The Caitya Guru
  313. 140304 Q and A: How Do You Connect With Your Gurus?
  314. 140116 Q and A: Who Is Balarama?
  315. 140101 Q and A: Guru-Nistha Or Sentimentality?
  316. 131227 Q and A: Static And Dynamic Meditation
  317. 131225 Q and A: The Devotee's Heart And the Form of Krishna
  318. 131223 Q and A: When Deities Break
  319. 131206 Q and A: The Most Important Qualities of a Disciple
  320. 131128 Q and A: Uninstalled Deities
  321. 131109 Q and A: Where Does the Desire To Serve Come From?
  322. 131108 Q and A: The Inspiration Behind Saragrahi
  323. 131107 Q and A: Is the Soul Loving?
  324. 131106 Q and A: Panpsychism And Panentheism
  325. 131105 Q and A: Meaningful Participation
  326. 131104 Q and A: Enjoyment And Renunciation
  327. 131103 Q and A: Govardhana Sila Worship
  328. 131025 Q and A: Invoking Auspiciousness
  329. 131020b Q and A: Transformation of the Jiva
  330. 131019 Q and A: The Direct Words of Gaura
  331. 131016 Q and A: Nityananda Rasa-Tattva
  332. 131005 Q and A: The Compassionate Nature of Krishna
  333. 130922b Q and A: Asking Why Works Wonders
  334. 130922a Q and A: In Light of the Seminal Teachings
  335. 130921b Q and A: How Do We Know That the Soul is Eternal?
  336. 130913 Q and A: To Take Out a Thorn With Another
  337. 130827 Q and A: How to Conquer the Mind
  338. 130826 Q and A: Hurry Slowly Up the Mountain
  339. 130825 Q and A: Nothing Is Impossible In Transcendence
  340. 130807 Q and A: Hold On to a Sadhu and Bear Fruit
  341. 130805 Q and A: Embody the Teaching
  342. 130804b Q and A: Who is Bhakti Attracted to?
  343. 130803 Q and A: Socially Engaged Bhakti
  344. 130802 Q and A: The Individuality of the Jiva
  345. 130731 Q and A: The Role of Knowledge in Bhakti
  346. 130716 Q and A: Clarifying the Meaning of Raganuga (SP)
  347. 130703 Q and A: Caring For the Psychological Needs of the Sadhaka Deha (SP)
  348. 130630 Q and A: Creation and Beyond (SP)
  349. 130526 Q and A: Intimacy On Krishna's Terms
  350. 130522 Q and A: The Position of Sri Radha
  351. 130521 Q and A: Your Mind Is a Dictator
  352. 130426 Bhagavad-gita Q and A: Vraja-rasa In the Gita
  353. 130414 Q and A: Understanding Rama-lila and Prabhupada's Lineage
  354. 130331 Q and A: Are We Participating In Gaura-lila?
  355. 130325 Q and A: How to Properly Receive Honor
  356. 130317 Q and A: Uncomfortable With the Word "God"
  357. 130227 Madhuvan: Departure Talk with Q and A
  358. 130226 Q and A: Qualification for Bhakti
  359. 121206 Q and A: Madhurya and Aishvarya in Gaura-lila
  360. 121118 Q and A: Facing Old Age
  361. 121112 Q and A: On Female Gurus
  362. 121029b Q and A: Understanding Ekadasi, Priya-Narma Sakhya Rasa
  363. 121027 Q and A: Worshipping Gaura Radha Madhava
  364. 121021 Q and A: On Union and Separation
  365. 121009 Q and A: Klesagni, Subhada, and Imperfections in Advanced Devotees
  366. 121008 Q and A: The Fire of Guru-bhakti
  367. 121006 Q and A: Service According to Necessity
  368. 120831 Q and A: Static and Dynamic Union in Transcendence
  369. 120818 Q and A: Real and False Taste for Bhakti
  370. 120817 Q and A: How to Harmonize Awe and Affection?
  371. 120814 Q and A: Facing One's Shortcomings, and Following Spiritual Inspiration
  372. 120727b Q and A: The Purpose of the World
  373. 120726b Q and A: The Meaning of Rupanuga
  374. 120724b Q and A: The Nature of the Svarupa and Understanding Anadi
  375. 120723b Q and A: Too Much Philosophy?
  376. 120721b Q and A: Karma's Lesson and Spirituality in the Arts
  377. 120715b Q and A: Radharani and Yogamaya
  378. 120714b Q and A: Overcoming False-identity
  379. 120513 Q and A: Contrasting Vaidhi and Raganuga Bhakti
  380. 120512 Q and A: Abandoning Envy
  381. 120405b Q and A: Love for the Devotee
  382. 120307 Q and A: News of Mahaprabhu Arrives West
  383. 120211. Q and A, Cultivating Nama-ruci
  384. 100831b Sri Krsna Janmastami 2010: Q and A 12
  385. 100830b Sri Krsna Janmastami 2010: Q and A 10
  386. 100828b Sri Krsna Janmastami 2010: Q and A 7
  387. 100827b Sri Krsna Janmastami 2010: Lecture 5 Q and A
  388. 100826 Q and A: A Balanced Approach to Guru-Tattva
  389. 100825 Q and A: Neediness Is a Sign of Good Health
  390. 100824b Q and A:: Nitaicand and Vraja-bhakti
  391. 100729b Q and A: Consciousness-driven Emanationism
  392. 100729a Q and A: Krsna's Language Is Love
  393. 100722 Q and A: What Comes First, Radha or Krsna?
  394. 100721 Q and A: Beauty in Diversity
  395. 100720 Q and A: The Body-Mind Relationship
  396. 100327 Q and A: Male or Female: Which Is Better?
  397. 100326 Q and A: Surrender
  398. 090928 Q and A: The Power of Aspiration
  399. 090812 Q and A: Am I God ?
  400. 090811 Q and A: The Science of Internal Experience
  401. 090810 Q and A: Sri Guru As An Avatar
  402. 090809 Q and A: "We Need a Generous God"
  403. 090727 Q and A: The Rules of Raga-bhakti
  404. 090426b Questions and Answers
  405. 090423 Q and A: Semblances of bhava
  406. 090322 Q and A: Making Progress While Sleeping
  407. 081025 Q and A: Appropriate Detachment
  408. 070817 Q and A: What Is Real Education?
  409. 070708 Q and A: Two Sides of Greed
  410. 070623a Q and A: The Karmic Predicament
  411. 070622a Q and A: Living in the Moment
  412. 061223b Q and A: Scripture and Sadhu
  413. 061223a Q and A: Politics, Preaching and Book Distribution
  414. 061222 Q and A: Solving the Death Problem
  415. 061220 Q and A: Shortcut to Perfection
  416. 060813c Q and A: Svarupa-shakti, Part 2
  417. 060813b Q and A: Svarupa-shakti, Part 1
  418. 060813a Q and A: Literalism, Lila and the Scripture
  419. 060812 Q and A: Sincerity and Progress
  420. 060708b Q and A: Cry for Help
  421. 060708a Q and A: Confidence vs. Fanaticism
  422. 060503b Q and A: Origins of Karma, Part 2
  423. 060503b Q and A: Bhakti and the Enjoying Spirit, Part 2
  424. 060503a Q and A: Origins of Karma, Part 1
  425. 060503a Q and A: Bhakti and the Enjoying Spirit, Part 1
  426. 060101 Q and A: How to Study the Scriptures?
  427. 051229 Q and A: The Power of Tulasi devi
  428. 051228 Q and A: New Age, Vraja Prema and Nama-Sankirtana
  429. 051203b Q and A: Nama-Sankirtana: The Supreme Meditation
  430. 051203a Q and A: Theory vs. Realization
  431. 051202b Q and A: The Characteristics of Ruci-Bhakti, Part 2
  432. 051202a Q and A: The Characteristics of Ruci-Bhakti, Part 1
  433. 051130 Q and A: Bringing the Deity to Life
  434. 041113 Q and A: Prakata and Aprakata lila
  435. 040911b Q and A: Sri Guru Tattva, Part 2
  436. 040911a Q and A: Sri Guru Tattva, Part 1
  437. 040412a Q and A: Narasinghadeva, Japa and Vaisnava unity

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